Double Pitched Eaves Shower Enclosure

Double Pitched Eaves Shower Enclosure

"This installation holds a special place among our favourites. The notable variation in levels & height differences between the walls and the pitched ceiling, proved to be highly challenging. Ensuring our product featured the necessary adjustments to accommodate these differences was essential.

With an overall tolerance of 25mm, we utilized every bit of that allowance/adjustment. The door required shower door magnets to ensure
 it would retain a water
 tight position. With shower seals used to seal the base and rear edge of the shower door. 

Stepping back to admire the finished project filled us with pride. The customer's reaction was equally gratifying - after taking a moment to view the door, they expressed their admiration, stating that it exceeded their expectations. In their exact words, "It's so much better than we expected; we can't believe how good this looks, thank you."

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