Pitched Roof Bespoke Shower Door

Pitched Roof Bespoke Shower Door

"Our angled shower door is expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into your loft conversion or eave, accommodating the unique angles and dimensions of your sloped ceiling. It ensures a perfect fit and a visually appealing aesthetic that complements the overall design of your showering area. 

Here are some survey insights to consider: Kindly inform us whether the shower tray features a lip or sloped ledge. Significant variations in internal ledge dimensions can impact heights and angles. Consequently, the survey may require additional time for completion as we must determine the optimal position for the shower door."

The walls in this area were adorned with a lime-covered stud, offering a fantastic finish for the bathroom. This choice not only provides a waterproof and leak-resistant surface but also adds a refined touch to the overall aesthetic, it was truly impressive. In our discussions with the developer, we emphasized the necessity for additional support in the areas where the door pivots as the customer wished for the door to be opening off the stud wall, this to ensure that the stud walls could bear the weight. To address this, additional 6x3 wooden battens were strategically applied within the stud."

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